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Monday, September 7, 2009

Break fasting at SegarAmat.

Last saturday,
My classmates and I plus Aaie went to Segamat for breaking our fast. Its almost 6pm I guess when the bus leave Uitm. Ceh! act, we decided to go by 2 cars. One for the girls, and the other one for the boys. But, all the car already rented by other people. Ok, when we reached at the Billion, (a supermarket that not really super ok!. It's much much more suck than Econsave in Banting). Then as quick as we can, we searching for the stall. Its quite far act. But Im not so tired because of ABC!. theee~~ Then, we ordered foods and drinks, waiting for the azan and melahap. I ate Nasi Goreng Daging+Jus Apple. The jus is damn delicous, but the nasi is just ok. ps:- Doa by Abul Oppa. =))

After that, we went to upwell to have some fun. Meaning, lets go karaoke! (I don't know which one is the right spelling of it, either upwell or upwheel). huhu.What ever!
Plus, we also played some machine games. The things that boys really like. And know what, I just realise why most of boy students skip their classes or school. It just because, this stupid place really attracted them to come again and again. So, I think it's not the right place for them to go act. But for the older one like us, it's not a problem ok. We already 18. ngegege~~. I played "kill the president" but only at the first round because I run off tokens. =((. And after that, we changed our place to Nirwana, it's not quite far and more huge and 'fresh' than Upwell, the karaoke box also much more comfortable I guess. I sang nothing which is mean I just listening to my other classmates karaoke-ing, and I just keep watching the guys 'racing' motorcycles. Acap, really did it like a 'rempit'. hahaha. (the nerdy Acap turned into "Acap the player"). hikssss. After 5 minutes, I feel damn bored, and then, companies by Daus, we went to McD and ate Sundaes. Owh Gosh! I love Ice Cream..nyum nyum! At, 10 something, we reached at Uitm safely. The others keep lepak-ing at uptown until 2am, but I already back to my room because of my "naughty stomach". =)) hahaha.
ps:- I wish to put some pics here, but the Internet is so slow la kawan. Sorry. no pics to view.

xoxo, Masturah Abd


Munirah Abd said...

hello sis?? terawih when?? :P

fath said...

takde gambar?
oh takpe..

bace crite da cukup utk kate korang mmg gile2.
ye keh?