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Friday, September 11, 2009


I just got back from library a few minutes ago.
I'm doing my ACC107 assignment with my others classmates.
Hahaha, so impress..boys are much more than us. Suddenly, someone said something about playing snooker..I don't remember who was that. Either Amir or Nana. But then Nana was asking me if I want to follow her break our fasting at Segamat again + playing snooker after that. And I just said "I don't know. Let me think it first". But I wish I could play it somewhere because I never play or go there. I mean the place that we can play it. And of course I don't worried about Terawih because I'm still in ABC mood since last Saturday.ngegege~~So, should I go?

xoxo, Masturah Abd