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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another update.

There is so many things happen in this few days. Owh, before I forget, Happy Fasting to all muslims around the world especially to Malaysian, more details..especially to Uitm Segamat students, more details..especially CS110 part 1 students(1st intake), more details..especially csd1s5 students, more details..especially to Unni Jehan and all my girls fullstop

Ok. Lets start our 'essay' with CTU120 a.k.a Agama Islam class. Next week, would be my group turn to do the Q&A. But, during the end of the class on last Monday, Ust.Arsyadi said he want us including other groups to search a History a.k.a Sirah Nabi that happen during Fasting month. My group will present about 'Perang Badar' which is in my opinion it is not as difficult as I though. So, thanks Ust.Arsyadi because gave us such a easy task. *both thumbs up*

Next, CSC118, teaches by En.Malik! still young and already married! *in his dreams, he got 2 children. One boy named as Ali and a girl named Liyana Jasmay.hahaha*. LOL. OK! back to reality,last Monday,we had our 2 hours class as usual + we got quiz to sit for on that day. Uurrgg! I feel so terrible when I think about the answers that I have wrote down. I'd make some mistakes at the last question and I don't really think that my other answers are correct! Owh, God..I'd do my best, as best as I can. *I guess..teheee*

CSC128. Arrgghh! another killing subject. But I think this is the more dangerous one. ACC still can't challenge this subject. why I say like that? This is because if you got FAIL for ACC, you still can say "Good Bye ACC, see you in heaven..I don't have to 'face' you anymore". But it really opposite with CSC128, "Owh God, why I'm still in this fucking hell with the innocent juniors taking this killing subject. Please! let me get out from here". You need to repeat 128 again and again until you pass it. *I wanna cry.sob3*. But actually for me, until today, I still can face this subject very well. So, mother..hopefully you didn't feel any worried or sympathy towards me because I know, I can do it! Btw, I had 128's quiz this morning. I mean yesterday morning which that mean, Tuesday morning. The questions were a bit confusing, I asked Ms.Azrina how to do it, and she told me some clues. Actually, she didn't! hiiiiii..maybe the miracle suddenly came and I answered the first page very well but on the other page, I'd make many mistakes there, and it really wtf, I can't think properly for the correct asnwers because I damn confius that time.

Hahaha, this one! I really love this subject. BEL!.*suddenly remember the bell ringing loudly after recess* I love mama (our lect). I love the way she teaches us. I love the way she treat us like her own children. I love to call her mama. :)) I really love BEL because it make me so comfortable to be myself. I love to hear so much stupid jokes from the guys, and crazy laughing from the girls. It makes our relationship between each other become more closer from day to day.*peace* During BEL today, we had our first test at 4.15pm. Title given is "benefits of sports to university students", and we need to do an essay. For the first 15 minutes, I lost my focus and I can't think correctly because my phone was ringing! Aaie was on the line. She called me three times but I am so scared to pick up my phone during the test, I am scared if mama heard my voice whispering on the phone like an idiot hahaha..Ermm, I feel sorry to Aaie because I know there is something important she wish to ask. But she can't. :( what else?? owh yeah, I'd done my essay as good as I can, even though at the beginning I just blank + blurr. Hopefully, I'll get B or if there is my luck, I want A!!. *o_0*

ps:- My first day fasting in Segamat is quite ok. I went to the Bazar with Aaie and Nana at 6pm and what we had bought? Just RM1's Durian Belanda Juice for me, White Asam boy Juice for Nana, and Aaie bought a coke at dining room. During breaking fasting, I ate Nasi Ayam on the first day, Nasi+lauk ayam on the second day, Keuw Teow Soup on the third day and my latest menu just now is Nasi+lauk ayam+burgerdil. *I realised that, I ate so much ayamS here!hehehe* 2 days more for being home. I can't wait my 'first' fasting day with mum,dad, and siblings. :))
Ok. thats all for today. I had wrote alot I guess. Don't missing me! I'm away for a test and assignment.

xoxo, Masturah Abd


Munirah Abd said...

wow ate a lot "ayam" huh...
make sure i recognize u r my sister..hehehe.. :p

Masturah Abd said...

of course u still can recognize me!